These days the first thing a patient thinks about when they find out they need to take a prescription medication is “what is this going to cost me?” Physicians can now offer their patients a more affordable and convenient alternative to paying cash at retail pharmacies. Thanks to the transparent guaranteed drug pricing offers, patients and prescribers can search prices from their mobile devices together inside the privacy of the examination room. If our price is affordable, the prescriber can electronically prescribe or fax the prescription to our pharmacy and instruct the patient to call us and then we will do all the work from there.

Physicians who enroll in our Preferred Physician Savings Program will make their patients immediately eligible for special promotions such as free shipping on their first order and 2X loyalty points (equivalent to 5% cash back) on every order.

Participating physicians will receive a special “Customer Code” that can be issued to patients when they order through our pharmacy service. It’s as easy as Search. Call. Save! is a safe and reliable pharmacy service. Our licensed pharmacists – most of whom are also doctors – will coordinate with you to give your patients quality care at an affordable cost. When you enroll in the Preferred Physician Program, we will work with your office manager(s) to ensure that they have our SureScripts e-Prescribe information to expeditiously coordinate prescriptions and prescription refills for our mutual patients, or our fax information if you are not currently e-prescribing.

When your patients order with we will:
• Coordinate getting prescriptions from your office
• Check for adverse drug interactions
• Make sure they are saving as much as possible
• Ensure the accuracy of their order and its timely arrival
• Coordinate additional refills when they need a new prescription
• Answer any questions they may have 24 hours a day, 365 days a year is a licensed pharmacy that sells prescription drugs based on our purchase costs direct to consumers without any insurance or third-party involvement. We do not sell to any other pharmacy. We do not sell anything in bulk. We are not the distributor. Our pricing is designed to get your patients the lowest price. Period.

Visit to learn more.

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