At® we are fanatical about our customer experience. A lot of “pharmacy experts” like to put a lot of disinformation out there about how mail order pharmacies are not safe, but we think our service is better than the average pharmacy. We take pride in our value proposition. We take pride in the presentation. We take pride in the level of hands-on service we provide. 

Every customer here has a story. They have a family. They have a job or a fixed income. They have hobbies and passions. They have a health condition. Everyone has a story. No one’s pharmacy experience should define their story. No one’s prescription drug costs should define their story. I tell my staff at we are more than just a pharmacy, we are “storytellers”. We create savings. We provide care. We improve our customers quality of life, and that quality of life is what should define their story. 

So we are asking our customers to join us and share their Savings Story to their friends and family. Real people sharing their real savings. In appreciation of our customers time for storytelling, we will send them a one-time use free shipping promotion code for their next order through®.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Order from Pharmacy Service
  2. When you receive your “Green Box” take a picture of it
  3. Post the picture on Facebook or Twitter and tag @MailMyPrescriptions (Facebook) or @MailMyRx (Twitter) and mention if you saved money by switching to our pharmacy service, how much you saved, and what pharmacy you switched from
  4. A “Engagement Team” member will direct message you from our official profile on Facebook or Twitter a one-time use free-shipping coupon code
  5. Within 120 days use the coupon-code online during your next checkout or provide it over the phone while you are placing your next order

Click here to learn more.


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